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Episode 41 - Dragonlance: The Second Generation Part 2

September 23rd, 2019

By Reorx's Beard, how are the D & Dweebs Boys going to get themselves out of this one? Join Bob, Luke, Klab, and Paul as they get Shanghaied by the old drunk at the end of the bar, peep at a couple lovers in a cave, try to figure out Elven politics and family values with a shirtless elder on the back of a griffin in Dragonlance: The Second Generation...Part 2!

Episode 40 - Dragonlance: The Second Generation Part 1

September 4th, 2019

Wait...this is a group of stories that don't really interact with each other? Join Bob, Luke, Klab, and Paul as we explore our dark sides, attempt to pass tests, and deal with our collective issues about our fathers. It's time to watch the kids of our Dragonlance heroes in this, the epic return of the Hickman/Weis team up! Join us round the Inn of the Last Home fire for "Dragonlance:The Second Generation" Part 1

Deeper Delves - Dragonlance Tales: The Blood Sea Monster

August 30th, 2019

"Call me Ishmael"....

Well....at least in the Dragonlance version of the tale we get a monster whose name hasn't become the cause of adolescent snickering in English classrooms all across America. But at the same time, Ishmael is a far cry from......Duder?!

Well....as you can expect, the D&Dweebs boys have alot to say about this "Beast from 20,000 fathoms!" So; "you grab a line and D&Dweebs will grab a pole, and we'll all go fishing in the Istar hole!" You don't want to miss our review of "The Blood Sea Monster!"

Deeper Delves - Dragonlance Tales: Riverwind and the Crystal Staff

August 23rd, 2019

The First two Dragonlance Trilogies were huge successes for TSR, and very quickly, the company's publishing division began spinning off all kinds of supporting books and anthologies. In this episode we take a look at the first story included in the Anthology book Dragonlance Tales: The Magic of Krynn.

Riverwind gets the spotlight with a piece of poetry by resident Dragonlance poet-laureate Michael Williams. Grab a cupper of your favorite beverage, and join us around the tavern fire as we discuss "Riverwind and the Crystal Staff."

Episode 39 - Dragonlance: The Soulforge Part 2

August 9th, 2019

The Magic will not solve your problems. By the beard of Reorx is that the truth!!! Join Bob, Luke, Klab, and Paul as we dust off our robes of many colors, load up our homemade trinkets and trifles, and make our way to a few flea markets and county fairs around Krynn. The D&Dweebs boys may even end up at a good old fashioned Southern "Big Tent Revival!!" My brothers and sisters, prepare yourselves to be saved by the power of the Soulforge.....Part 2!

Episode 38 - Dragonlance: The Soulforge Part 1

July 15th, 2019

It is said a Mage's soul is forged in the crucible of magic. Well this episode is forged in the heat of a humid, sweat-infused basement recording studio, and quenched in the amber gold of the Rocky Mountains.

It's the SUMMER OF LANCE 3: LANCE HARDER! The D&Dweebs crew is hanging out with little Raistlin and the Solace Bunch.What kind of shenanigans will this wily crew of young miscreants get into? Join Bob, Klab, Luke, and Paul as we become honorary members of the Little Magic Rascals.

We delve deep into the past of Dragonlance's most enduring characters:Raistlin Majere. What are the early life experiences that shaped Raistlin and his brother Caramon into the heroes we all know and love? Why does Caramon defend his brother, even at the expense of his own dignity? Was Raistlin ever happy and carefree? Will the brothers enter their Pod-racer in the big Boonta Eve Classic race?.....er........that was a different prequel.

Brew up a steaming cup of Tarbean tea, spike it with some Qualanesti Brandy, and join us around the Tavern Fire for our review of this solo novel by fan-loved author Margaret Weis.



Episode 37 - Rendezvous with RAMA

June 28th, 2019

"Absence of noise is not a human condition; all human senses require some input." There is no danger of silence when the D&Dweebs Boys tackle an Arthur C. Clarke classic! Join Bob, Klab, Neal, and Paul as they pop the top, and free dive into the shiny space cylinder that is the world of RAMA!

Note: The music used during the opening scene is the track "Rendezvous with Rama" from the musical composer STELLARDRONE. You can download his complete body of work here: https://stellardrone.bandcamp.com This is some amazing music to put on in the background while reading hard core science-fi. We here at Dungeons & Dweebs HIGHLY recommend Stellardrone!

Deeper Delves - Children of Dune

June 26th, 2019

It's the second part of our side-quest!  What happens when the 60's ends, the mind-expanding drugs go bad, and you realize you have kids? You send them packing to your sisters of course. To bad she has a bit of a hallucinogen problem and is under the influence of a grandfather who acts like John Wayne Gacy. But what do you care how the kids turn out, your to busy on your spirit quest in the deserts out side Sedona Arizona. What does this have to do with Dune? Probably nothing, but give a listen.

Note: The bad audio continues!!! This is definitely NOT how you retain an audience, but thanks for giving it one more shot. Our next episode will be much better, but remember, it's Deeper Delves, we are recording in a dark dungeon, and can't see what settings are on the mixer, and Paul keeps knocking the @#$#&^! microphone in the dark! At least it's free!

Deeper Delves - Dune Messiah

June 21st, 2019

It's the first episode of Deeper Delves! Our side-quest, where we delve even deeper into the literary universe we review on our main show. On this episode we take a mind expanding trip to explore what happens when the leader you thought was the Messiah, turns out to still contain human fallibilities. 

Note: We experienced a few technical difficulties on this episode, and the sound is not the best, but we decided to release it anyway. Hey, It's a bonus, it's free, and it will probably anger you either way. So turn the treble down a bit, and pretend your listening to one of those crappy dub-tapes you made of the radio in the 1980's!

Episode 36 - DUNE (Part 2)

June 7th, 2019

"I must not let my passion interfere with my reason."

The D and Dweebs boys may have imbibed too much spice this time. Does Bob  and Luke learn how to fold space and time? Does Ted finally get to ride his worm? Does Danny P. follow the orders of the Bene Gesserit witch he has at home? And what the heck is Klab talking about? Join us as we wrap up Frank Herbert's classic!